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Lucid Intent
Saturday, February 4 2017 Views: 226

February 4, 2017  8:35 AM, pst
Standing to the right (my right) I check out the details on the fronts of two "18 wheelers" parked in the wide driveway that goes around the business building that is over to my left .  The one closest to the building is a bright medium shade of blue, the other, more to my right side, is a very dark shade of aquamarine.   Walking closer, we see that a very large travel trailer is parked nearly out of sight behind the dark colored tractor rig.  We (myself and my spouse and one other person) approach to see who has stopped to visit.  The light tan colored RV is almost like a real home, except on wheels.  We are invited to come in and look it over.  The rear door opens onto a bedroom.  Next to that, is a small, completely empty room painted white with short golden drapes that have iridescent threads woven into the fabric.  "Nice", I say, "it can be used anyway you like." 
In the main living space, the owner sits at a round table, (table to the left and person seated on the right side) carefully drawing in pencil on high quality, buff colored paper.  The designs look fractal, or perhaps create holograms when illuminated.  I give the owner a hug around the neck and shoulders.  The other person with us, (I knew everyone's name at the time) shows surprise at my affectionate greeting.)  This is one of my friends from my dreams.  My friend turns from the drawings to tell me about the special tea, from three very strong teas, that can be combined together only at certain times.  Now is one of those times. 
We go from there to a potluck type of meal that has been set out for all of us.  The main dish is beans.  "I say, I'm more of the tea and crumpet typemyself, beans have not set well with me since I was young."   "Ahh, beans were introduced at the wrong time, then," says my friend.
I have a white plate with a small crisp corn taco on it in my right hand and am looking at the main dish of beans in front of me.
This  is where I wake up.

Additional Comments:

Everything in this dream is as solid and natural as any waking-life event. When I was teenage and thereafter, all dreams were like this. The weather here is the same as an overcast day. It was not clear as to the time of day, or even the season. Just daytime, not nighttime.

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