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High Heaven

Lucid Intent
Friday, March 31 2017 Views: 200

March 31, 2017  7:03 AM, pdt
The scene is an extensive camping area, surrounded by open meadows that disappear into the low hanging fog clouds.  The overhead shows bits of light blue areas where the fog is thinning.  The overall ground color is eggshell tan and darker brownness.  I find myself being led on a string, much like a fluffy pet.  Except I am holding my end, not being controlled by it.  We approach a large tent like structure in the central area.  It is very tall and wide and also light tan and brownish.  The one on the other end of the lead opens a big tent flap and pantomimes pushing me in, but I enter voluntarily.  Inside, a great living being towers to the roofline, all scrunched up, much like a butterfly that is not yet exited from the cocoon.  The bent and folded bodily sections arch darkly, a smokey gray color mostly, crisscrossing every which way.  The living being sniffs at me, saying: You smell to high heaven.  Here is where I wake up and actively interact with my waking mind, to "finish the 3rd Act."

Additional Comments:

hallelujah, I say. I have traveled a long distance. You are all bent out of shape. We exchange our names. We decide to tear down the tent. With the tent in shambles, both of us stretch and shake ourselves into a better mode.


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