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Saturday, April 29 2017 Views: 162

April 29, 2017   7:10 AM, pdt
Everything felt ordinary and normal, then I woke up.  It's a great puzzle to me how that dream scenario can feel so real, once I am exited from it.
For one thing, the colors are all eggshell shades, as if in a bright light.  The people look and act perfectly ordinary, but none are familiar to me at all, not as waking life acquaintances or anyone ever met in dreams before.  The location is without doubt west coast USA, (the same as where I do live.)  but not any town or city known to me by name.  In spite of all the activities, no sounds catch my attention.
Traveling by foot outside under the sky, I follow a crowd of people who shelter behind a tall hill, in a setting with seats and tables, but no building structures.  From the westerly, Oceanside, (if you travel a hundred miles or so,) we see low-flying missiles arch overhead.   Myself, I then view it as if from up in the air, moving to where I am seeing a city block with a bombed out restaurant.  I think forlornly that we can't go there for breakfast anymore. 
Before I transition from being observer to active participant I wake up.

Additional Comments:

This dream scenario sharply defines my waking life feelings of being totally unable to personally combat the world situation that threatens active nuclear combat between the US and N. Korea. After more than 80 years in this lifetime, I strongly feel that I hold nothing meaningful to contribute that fosters peace, not war. April 30, 2017 12:09 PM, pdt This following "meditation" proves useful. It immediately set me free from my unsettling fascination with everything relating to the president. I now am able to skip over any headline and not read the articles. Jesus (sounds like: Yes-U-Ahh) YES-U-AHH, my Old Friend, YOU are the CHRIST, the SON, the SAVIOR, the PROMICED MESSIAH. How may I serve YOU?? -here on Earth, from the waking-side of life???


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