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Ocean with waterskiers and horses

Lucid Intent
Friday, July 7 2017 Views: 52

7:19 AM  pdt

Spouse woke me up from a dream.

Ocean beach scene.  Beautiful, clear day.  Blue skies, clear blue water, sandy bottom that looks golden where the sun reflects back up to the surface.  I'm swimming, mostly floating and the side stroke, I'm not much of a swimmer.  People are water skiing.  I only see the skiiers, not what is towing them.  Now, closer to the beach there are horses with bridles.and reins.  They are beautiful. Chestnuts and paliminos, no blacks.  Now I see swimmers are riding them.  The water is shoulder deep where I am.  AND THAT IS WHERE I GET WOKEN UP.

Additional Comments:

Mares are horses. Nightmares are horses. When I was a child, I whistled for horses in dreams and rode away on the biggest and best. Haven't had a dream with horses for many years.


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