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Phone call from my Ex..

Monday, March 20 2017 Views: 60

Many who have studied dreams link the subconscious to dreaming.  The inner mind is trying to sort out a problem and through dreaming answers are given.  I believe this is true and today I had a dream that I know is my inner self screaming at me to make change in my life.

The dream was very simple.  I was in a home setting and it looked like a country home.  It was not my home and there was some older woman there in the house also.  I was in the kitchen at a very small table.  The table would be one you would normal find in a kitchen.  There was a phone on the wall to my right.  It started to ring and the older woman came into the kitchen an answered it.  She then handed the phone to me and told me the phone call was for me.  The phone was a landline that had a phonecard attached to the receiver so the cord was stretched from the wall to my face.  This was normal and did not make it difficult to speak on the phone.  As I took the phone from the woman she left the room and I thought.. "Hey, what if this was my ex GF?!"

It turned out that it was my Ex... for the rest of this blog I'm going to call her AwesomeGirl99.  She was the best girl I ever dated and it's unfortunate it didn't work out.  But, life does go on.

So, I say hello to AwesomeGirl99 and she responds back to me with a question.  "I use to know this one guy and I don't know where he is now... I wonder where he is?"  She said this in a very fun voice that was a little flirty but she also seemed to pose the last part of her sentence as a real question to me and not just an obvious tease.  I was about to respond back to her with a tease...when.....


I woke up.....

Additional Comments:

The obvious about this dream... I had a hand in manifesting AwesomeGirl99 being the caller because I thought it before I spoke on the phone. I have a positive view of AwesomeGIrl99 and I would not mind speaking to her in my waking life, to get a phone call in the dream could be viewed as a need to communicate with her. I do not mess with her because she is married. She has a life... so there is no reason to dig in that spot.. no treasure there.. someone already found it. The DEEPER meaning... I have been not myself for a long while. This feels as though it has lasted for a few years. It has been a struggle to re-identify with who I am. When I was dating her.. I really enjoyed my life and who I was. I didn't have too much in the way of insecurities and I looked forward to the day every morning. This is not how I feel about life now. I claw at wanting a better life. So, how amazing my inner-self would use someone that I would listen to in my waking life. Someone who was in my life when I felt I had a very stable life. To tell me directly..... HEY, WHERE IS THAT GUY???!!! It identifies there really is an issue and I need to address it. That I should take steps to be happy as I was back then. Life will never be exactly the same as then but how I view life can change. So, it was a pretty awesome dream.


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