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My Boyfriend

Monday, January 27 2014 Views: 402

This guy is a recurring figure, he shows up every couple of months or so. Sometimes he looks similar or the same, other times he may look slightly different but always with the same type of features. Every time he shows up it's like another part of the story Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle: each time I have a dream about him or with him in it, it's another piece to the puzzle. It's confusing but let me just go on and explain at the end.

It's hard to remember completely what happenned, because when I am woken out of my sleep then I forget the dream quite easily whereas if I wake up naturally then I will remember it. Well my family like to be little...and they woke me out of my sleep with their inane nonsense so I don''t remember much.

From what I remember, we were just spending time together. He was smiling, happy to be with me and I assume I was doing the same. I don't know where it was set, that's part of the detail forgotten. I guess it was just in his apartment, I wish I could remember to see if it was the same apartment as before. He was cuddling me and we were talking, he's so gorgeous. I can definitely remember his green eyes. Funny, I don't care for blue or green eyes, though. I didn't want to wake up! It was so nice being with him!

Alright now let me fill in the blanks. In other dreams where he's appeared has been our wedding, my friend's wedding, my mum and I visiting his apartment and me meeting him for the first time, also him accompanying me to the market to buy and umbrella (a subconscious reminder that I really did need to buy an umbrella in real!). Dreams that he was not physically there but I know it was connected to him would be when I had our son, and our house where I was looking after our son and daughter.

It's hard to tell if any of this is precognitive because it's so specific or if in my subconscious mind I want this so badly that I'm dreaming up my future in chunks. I don't know his name, I always see his face (faces in my dream are never blurred, censored or hard to see), yes you can indeed say he is looks-wise the guy I'd totally go for. But in real life I really don't care for guys or to have a boyfriend. What do you guys think?! Predictions of what's to come or my secret desires cropping up?

Additional Comments:

These dreams have been going on since I was about 15 (I'm 19 now), they really only occur every 5+ months or so. Well, if it is a prediction of what's to come: how we meet is in university, I parted from my college friends and I always pass him because he worked a Chinese food stand outside, we always caught the bus home together. In real life, I'm now in university, there s only one bus that passes by the university, there is lots of food shops and restaurants close by and indeed I did part from my friends as they attend university far away. Exciting!


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