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Bye Daddy

Saturday, March 15 2014 Views: 326

Sorry I am bombarding the front page with all my dreams XD I almost forgot to write this one, I usually never care for an interpretation of my dreams but this time I feel I should get one.


I can't tell you how it started, I don't know. All I remember of the dream is my mum and I were walking down the high street (seen once before in my dreams). She was upset because of grandma (my grandma passed away irl last week) and I was consoling her. She wasn't crying but she was very sad. I didn't really have a relationship too much with my grandmother so it's pretty hard for me to miss her or anything. As we walked we came across my dad.He scooped us into a nice big hug and squeezed my mum and I. Then it seemed as though he was leaving to go somewhere. Not like "I'm off to the shop now, bye" but more like "I'm moving countries, bye".

Now here's why I want an interpretation of this: my dad has never before been in my dream. In my dreams my dad is always a white handsome male (I'm black) who is married to my mum and they love each other a lot but he is away on business a lot because he is in a powerful position (depending on the content of the dream determines his position, usually a leader or heroic figure). But when he comes back he is always so happy to see me and so am I. In real life my mum and dad have been separated since I was 2. I occasionally see him but not often and he is a chef. I know why my dad is different in my dreams. The hero job and persona and the love for my mum? Clearly something I've always wanted deep down inside but why is it in this sudden dream my actual dad was there? And he hugged my mum and I! I understand me but my mum? They hardly talk. I know he liked my grandmother and will be attending her funeral when it comes. But why his appearance and why did he claim he was leaving?


Additional Comments:

After I woke from the dream, I said morning to my mum and all and she informed me (out oo the blue imo) that my dad had left to go to Jamaica. For a holiday though, with my younger half sister (one of them, not the other one or my brother). I recall my dad really wanting to take me to Jamaica (I've never been) to see his family and everything as they "missed me" (never met them or spoken to them, why do they care now? <-- was my argument to that statement). Although I don't really care for going to Jamaica, I'd much prefer a trip to the US it did bother me a bit that he just left and didn't say anything about it and also secretly took my sister but not me or my other sister. I didn't find this all out until after the dream so I don't know if it was more to do with my dad or my grandmother.

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