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Friday, April 18 2014 Views: 222

One of those dreams where even though I didn't find it scary I still woke up wiht my heart pounding. It was so ridiculous and I have zero clue what it was about.

I was walking along a busy road that I've never seen before when I went into the new tourist attraction called Pumpkin. It didn't have a sign or anything but somehow I just knew that's what it was called. Anyways, it's a large building that looks like it could be like a bank or something on the outside and it was basically a huge haunted house. So I went in, by myself, as if in real life I'd ever do such a thing, not even with a million people beside me. You're put into groups to go through the house and all of that so I was following my group and tour guide. There was a girl called Claire and I'm not sure what but there were some freaky things going on, especially with Claire. She got scared and distressed and headed a different way from where we were meant to be going. Most of us didn't even know each other and it was kind of dark so you couldn't really see people that well. So Claire headed to a staircase and she was just strange so me and a few others chased after her to try and get her back. I said to her "Claire, it's just me, the girl with the pretty bracelets." I assume earlier in the attraction that Claire and I had discussed our pretty bracelets. I was wearing my pink bracelet set that I got from my sister when she went to Spain. Claire looked at me but she was so vacant like she had business to do because she was so scared, it was like something was coming to get her or something and she was going to go deal with it. I tried to pull her back from going up the stairs and people kept saying "Claire, come back." I have no clue who Claire is in my waking life and I have never seen her before (no, I don't believe that everyone in your dreams you have seen once in your life). She looked at me and took off her bracelets (pretty silver, black and teal bangles and beads) and she hooked them on the knob of the staircase and disappeared up the stairs which was dark-ish and smoky so we didn't see where she went. Whilst everybody else just decided to go on with the rest of the group, for some reason I was concerned about finding Claire and bringing her back out of the attraction. I don't know, maybe I'm just a nice person and didn't like that everyone just left her to go off alone. So I snuck into one of those 'employees only' doors where it was like a closet with a bunch of stuff mainly Easter things so I guess the attraction changes themes sometimes.

Then it became like part 2 of the dream, suddenly I was with someone and I think (not too sure) it was my old childhood best friend Josephine. She was in the closet with me and we were still trying to find Claire so we opened the other door opposite the closet room thing (it was kinda large) and came out in a park that had eggs and bunnies (that explains the Easter stuff, the closet space must've been shared with another attraction). Although this part of the dream was really strange and seemed almost nothing like the first part, I still had the mission to find Claire whoever she was and I was no longer concerned to even finish this attraction/exhibit and just get the hell out of there. Josephine and I ducked behind a giant ducky statue because they wre playing a game where they launched candy like chocolate eggs to hit the targets (like the giant ducky). We ducked and ended up getting rained on with candy and I just ate a lot of it lol. We then hurried off to the right to see a door leading into a kitchen with a large open large window (to serve food out of).

Cue part 3 as again it seemed completely unrelated to the first and second part but I still had to find Claire. There were people in the kitchen, a few family members of mine (although seems I didn't really recognise or care too much that they were family) and I think it was my old crush Jammar from when I was 11, he's in my dreams a lot so I usually don't pay attention to his presence. He's always my boyfriend/love interests in dreams too. I was speaking with him and asking everyone if they'd seen 'a girl named Claire'. Of course no one knew, I was cosy with Jammar as usual. One, two, skip a few because I don't remember what happened but suddenly Jammar was like evil and was all "it was me! I was behind Claire's disappearance!" although he didn't even state why or where she was. He didn't tell me but some old lady gave me like a bean or something? I had to eat it and it would show me where Claire was and she said something and it got to me something like "what the heart doesn't ________ the head doesn't __________" something along those lines. So I took the bean and rested on Josephine near the microwave and I like blacked out! It was then that I had a little flashback of Claire leaving.


Did I find out where Claire had gone? No. By this time I was awake enough to get up and break the dream immediately as I didn't like it at all. Who the hell was Claire? Why did I need to find her so badly?!

Additional Comments:

Never seen Claire, don't know who she is, why was it such a priority for my dream self to find her?

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