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To the pool

Saturday, February 27 2016 Views: 78

I was with my ex Z and my new friend V and some other unrecognisable person. Z and I were apparently still datign and doing couple stuff whilst hanging out with everyone. I was on his lap. V was jealous and so suggested we go swimming. We headed to the leisure center with no swimwear. We were just going to swim in our underwear I guess. 

The pool was huge and had like a square L-shaped tunnel that you coudl swim through. The tunnel had LED lights that changed through the rainbow colours and also jet streams from the low ceiling. The water was incredibly deep, none of us could touch the bottom. I was swimming on Z's back. 

When we were done we got out and were handed towels and our clothes. We had to head to the changing rooms upstairs. As we were heading upstairs, I accidentally took the wrong staircase and got left behind. I decided to take the elevator instead but pressed the 14th floor instead of the 4th. The elevator was creepy, there was basically no one around, not even in the pool. When the door opened it looked like a really shady apartment floor so I didn't get out and quickly pressed the 4th button again. I caught up to the guys and asked Z why he left me behind. 

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