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Boyfriend at the football club

Monday, April 18 2016 Views: 80

I was laying in the field with my supposed boyfriend, we were fooling around and I went down on him. I expcted the dream to finish there but it continued. When I was done we hugged, kissed and headed off back to the school (college?). We past the football cage where an after-school football club was going on. My boyfriend decided to go in and check it out, I don't know why but we were already holding hands so I just followed him in. They weren't playing football in there, they were sat like a class discussing tactics. I don't even like football, I was literally in there for my boyfriend. All of a sudden the setting switched to a classroom and the sun was setting. There was a chick in front of me who was a complete know-it-all. She said something along the lines of "don't act like you know [my name]." Though she said a last name that isn't mine. I instantly recognised that wasn't my last name so I said "Wait what? What did you say?" I was confused on why she called me that last name (my own conscious awareness I guess). Well my boyfriend had to rush off somewhere but the teacher didn't let the rest of us leave. I wanted to go with him, I saw him outside the classroom window head off somewhere. I was annoyed she wouldn't let the rest of us leave until it was over. 

Additional Comments:

Never seen this dude before, he is not the 'boyfriend' mentioned in previous dreams but he was so cute and we were adorable together. The dream was only good because of him.


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