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Trying to get off

Monday, April 18 2016 Views: 80

This dream makes me cringe.

I was at home in my bedroom and I was turned on and wanted to get myself off however I kept getting distracted. I was speaking with my irl gay best friend J. Everytime I was going to get to it I would say "ok, do you wanna hear?" and he would say "yeah go on" but I wasn't saying it sexually, I was saying it friendly and normally like if I was asking if he wanted to listen to a new song I found or something. All my nieces and nephews were in the house and occasionally they would knock on the door for a silly reason disrupting me. It took me multiple tries to try and start getting off and everytime I would ask J if he wanted to hear or told him he was going to hear me. Neither of us had no problem with me jilling off over the phone with him. 

Additional Comments:

This dream is cringey because not only is J gay but he is my best friend almost like a brother so how weird is it that I was asking him if he wanted to listen to me masturbate?! Luckily I kept getting distracted, I usually tell him all my dreams but not this one!

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