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Two boyfriends

Monday, April 18 2016 Views: 140

I was at the train station assumingly heading home from somewhere. I was with my boyfriend called G and my friend H. We were sitting on the bench talking for a bit then decided to head off. As we were walking to the bus stop, H saw a guy who has a huge crush on her and was trying to avoid him. She ran off and I went to the bus stop, I was by myself. 

The scene changed and I was in an unfamiliar living room snuggling to my boyfriend but it wasn't G, it was my friend M. He was cuddling me from behind and we were laying on a mattress in the living room with a blanket over us. I was watching a drama about gay guys (think Noah's Arc) on my phone and asked M if he'd seen what just happened. He said yeah he;'s seen every episode but it was clear that he wasn't focusing at all and was just really turned on. We went to the bathroom where vivid and hot sex went down. 

Additional Comments:

The thing is, irl M is gay and a good friend of mine so it was very confusing that he was my boyfriend and this was happening. I guess dreams have no boundaries.


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