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A trip to the mall

Lucid Intent
Sunday, May 1 2016 Views: 89

I headed to an unfamiliar shopping center to meet with friends M, O and a girl I can't remember but I do know her. We browsed one store (Claire's) before O disappeared to his job at the hair salon. We walked through the center a bit. The university was nearby and a bulldozer was ordered to destroy the Peter something part of the building. People were protesting but the bulldozer knocked into the building anyway. People were still in the building when they knocked into it. We ducked as large boulders flew near us. One looked like it was going to hit me but passed right through me. The guy in the bulldozer was scolded by the project leader for bulldozing when people were still in there. We moved from the building site. M went off into another store and I decided to go see my boyfriend Marcus. 

I met with Marcus, I was apparently really in love with this guy. He told me he was inviting two of his female friends. They just so happened to also be his ex girlfriends and they did not like me. It was awkward and they kept throwing petty insults my way until I called them out on it. I don't know why I did but I was irritated his exes were being so dumb. Marcus was quiet as the more tougher ex, light skin and muscly, started a fight with me. I declined because I hate fights. 

She then punched me. We started fighting and I was doing my best to not get my ass kicked. I yelled for Marcus's  help. "If you don't stop this she's gonna hurt me!" He didn't help. I managed to land a final punch with all my strength then ran off. The centre was closing now and it was night time. I ran off trying to avoid the ex, Vanessa. I ran through Starbucks and hopped on the nearest bus no matter the location. Ran to the top deck and laid low, hood up and not near the window. 

When I got home I ran in crying. I was upset that Marcus had let that happen to me. I told my mum to not let in a girl called Vanessa and lock all windows and doors. I was sure she was going to get me. I went up to my room. Marcus came round to the house to apologise. J called me and I said I'll speak to her later. Marcus started apologising saying he loved me and whatever but I didn't want to hear it. 

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New people and people I already knew, wow.


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