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Old friends new enemies

Thursday, June 29 2017 Views: 47

I was in a helicopter with my team. The enemy team were coming to attack and we were trying to defend. There was shooting and us trying to to dodge and shoot. Their team was good. Amongst the enemy team was their toughest member Dwayne Johnson and and an old friend fighting on a different side. After the attack was over, we lost and had to recover, I snuck off. I had to see Dwayne. I found him and I had to know what happened with us. Dwayne had raised me as a little girl, I grew up, left and joined the team where he joined the opposition. We went to his house, I reminisced how it hadn't changed and was just like how I remembered. He was raising two new young girls now. I had to ask, why was he fighting for them, why not with me? He said they stand for what he believes in. Sad but I was still fond of the only father I knew. How would I fight now?

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Such a cute dream, like a movie. Very vivid.


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