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Bounty hunter

Monday, September 11 2017 Views: 68

I was in a shopping centre. There was a guy with long blonde hair and a knife. He was looking for me to kill me. It was very busy with lots of crowds so I was constantly on the move to dodge him and hide amongst the crowd. I ended up running to an area that was more sparse. The guy spotted me and came towards me. Knowing there was so many people around I screamed "help, he's going to kill me! Please help me!" I managed to get people's attention but wasn't convinced anyone would actually help. Two rough looking men came to my aid. They hurt the man and got me away. They took me to their apartment and promised to protect me. I was very shocked that they would help. They said I could owe them but they couldn't stand by ans watch me get hurt.

Additional Comments:

I very often have dreams where I am being chased by people who want to hurt me. This is the first time they have caught up to me but someone was there to save me.

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