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Baseball in a Gym

Lucid Intent
Monday, February 23 2009 Views: 658

It's like i'm at Chico State again but i'm finished with school so I join a co-ed baseball team.  I can't find my glove so I start crying. I left it at home.  We are standing in a circle throwing a ball back and forth and I say that we should say each our name when we catch the ball so we can get to know each other.  I can't find my glasses.  I go into to the bathroom and find two cell phones, I wonder if I should leave them there or bring them out to the girls. I put them on a shelf. I wish there was and exit door in the bathroom so I could just leave and go get a pizza.  I go back into the gym and the other team is there. One girl has a machiene that magnetically allows her to hover about five feet above the ground.  She puts it on me so I can do it. It's fun! Thank you for choosing me, I have done this before in other dreams.  It's time to play so I get down.

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