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running from halloween

Lucid Intent

Technique: RT
Saturday, August 1 2015 Views: 118

Playing volleyball with girls from high school. I suck. I keep running out of the game and hitting the ball wrong. I have a cheerleading outfit on that won't stay on right. Two girls from hs are playing and are very good like they were then. I run out of the game the coach tells me I'm still in the game. But that I made it up that I was out of the game. The game is over. Some guy is raving about the girl who was really good I see one of my ex s with tattoos. I start running around town to find my small car u used to have. People are everywhere in Halloween costumes. I'm teying to avoid everyone I just want to get my car and get outta there. I run into my sisters ex boyfriend. He shows me his hand and that he blew his hand up in an accident. His eyes look crazed. His pinky and ring finger are gone and he pulls more of them off. I run from him. Everyone is in costumes waiting in line for something or trying to get hotel rooms. I get in the middle of am argument between two girls. I tell the mean one that she shouldn't tell ppl they are ugly because she is ugly too. She lies on the ground. I keep running. I finally find my car where a bunch of ppl were lined up to do something. For some reason I'm still running. I get soaked in a fish processor. I see a girl doing drugs. I see my ex. I run. I don't want anyone to see me. I'm by myself and not dressed up. Ppl look like they are having fun. Someone says they want frozen yougert. I want some too. I'm eating chocolate chip cookies big ones and can really taste them.

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Images from the days events such as volleyball.

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