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Trailer for Sale

Sunday, January 22 2017 Views: 55

I'm looking for a home to buy with my parents. The place we go is in Arcata CA. It's a trailer on a small piece of land. It costs $25,000 which I can afford. I want to lay carpet down so I can see what it looks like. I choose a whitish burger. It costs $5,000. My mom buys it for me but it doesn't fit wall to wall. As it turns out I don't want to buy the trailer after all. Everyone is leaving the trailer park and selling their trailers. No one will say why. I don't think there is enough property with it. I have a whole bunch of people in the trailer to see if we will fit and it's so tight I say it's like "dance party USA". Everyone starts dancing next to each other it's kinda fun. I don't know when it will stop but I like it. I want to make the trailer work for me because my mom spent all the money on the carpet and I will have to pay her back or I feel like I should. I ask the woman who owns the trailer if she wants to buy it from us. She was going to pay $300 for it but since it doesn't fit she doesn't want to buy it. She looks at at getting a blue carpet in there. Then I think maybe I could buy the trailer and not the land so I would be out of my parents house I could park it outside their house. This doesn't work out either. A friend of mine in tickeling a baby who is laughing.

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