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New Yorker

Saturday, September 10 2016 Views: 275

[Fragments of the dream]

I was at the store New Yorker and I had already bought some stuff. My grandpa was with me and he was the one who was going to take me home, I think. I wanted to buy a zip up hoodie I saw yesterday (IRL) but it turned out I had already reached the shopping limit (???) (I had bought around 6 items), so I had to come back later if I wanted to buy the hoodie, as I was told by an employee. I asked her if they could keep it for me so that no one else would buy it, but she said they couldn't. Then I think my grandpa and I went to his car.

In this dream I kept going through a wide (but small) and dark corridor and through the door in order to access some place I don't remember.


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