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Swimming Pool

Sunday, September 11 2016 Views: 320

[Fragments of the dream]

I was in what I think was a hotel/resort, which had a huge (outside) swimming pool [I think it represented the place I went on vacation to]. I remember going inside and a lot of girls I knew were there too, we all stopped by the entrance of an empty room which itself led to the bathroom (you had to go through it) [this also resembled the place where I stayed]. We were all just standing there because for some reason we weren't allowed to go through that room into the bathroom/somewhere else.

Again outside, M.B. and I were coming back to the pool and I said something funny which made her laugh. We got to the pool and my mom and my sister were also there, and we all began entering the water - it was like the beach (on one side of the pool at least), it had no ladder, it was just a kind of rampage, like the sea, except there was no sand.

At a certain point the swimming pool changed position and size, and at another point I remember briefly trying to look for a guy who I found attractive on my vacation IRL.


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