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Mom's Tattoo

Friday, July 14 2017 Views: 118

J, my sister, and I went to my mom's house (which looked completely different). My sister told me our mom had gotten a tattoo done but she didn't tell us. I got mad (and my sister did too, I think) and started crying, and we headed to the elevator. My mom got upset because of us being mad at her and went to her bedroom, slamming the door shut. As we were going, J started crying as well, because I was crying.

In another part I was in my bedroom at my mom's (here the house looked the same as in reality) and she came in. I asked her to show me her tattoo and she did, it was on the front of one of her thighs and it looked like veins, in really soft colors (blue, purple, pink, orange and red, from what I recall), like watercolor. I asked her where she got it done and she told me she asked her boyfriend to see what place was the best.


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