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Random Fragments XVII

Saturday, July 29 2017 Views: 35

My paternal grandfather got mad at me for some reason I can't remember.


I was with J in his (or some) bathroom (which looked nothing like either of his). He said he saw something flying near me and I saw it too from the corner of my eye. He then said it was a moth. I tried to find it on the floor near the toilet and it was resting there and then came flying towards me and another one did too.


I was in a classroom and a student from one of the classes went up to the front to present/talk about something (one person of each class had to do it) and there was a teacher there to help him. He got a boner and turned his back on the people but, of course, everyone noticed it. When this happened, I went up to him, for some reason, but didn't talk to him, went back to my seat straight away and said something to my sister, who was next to me.


I was in my dad's house (??) and I was eating a croissant or something like that. I went into my bedroom (?) which was bigger and there were students and a teacher there, and I was supposed to have been there earlier, because the we (students) were taking a test and the teacher said something to me like, "where were you?". I sat in a desk and put my croissant in its top left corner. The test had questions about Opeth, which made me glad because I knew them. I told B the answers to said questions.


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