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Portuguese Class

Monday, July 31 2017 Views: 59

I was in a classroom in my old school, sitting next to A.A. (primary school classmate). My sister was sitting in the row to my right, one seat behind. M.C. (10/11/12 grade classmate) came in and asked A.A., referring to me, "does she still have to come?". J.M. (actual classmate) was in the classroom too. It was a portuguese class and the teacher was my old portuguese teacher. I told my sister I wasn't supposed to be there and she told me that the class would be cooler by me being there. I was really hot and felt it in my cheeks. The teacher asked me what I was talking about with my sister and I told her I was already in college and that that day I had grabbed my (portuguese) book, put it in my bag and came. I thought she would let me leave and wanted to, but she didn't say I could, so I didn't.


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