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Wednesday, August 2 2017 Views: 63

I was in my maternal grandmothers's house. The smaller bathroom was a bedroom (still small), my dad and his girlfriend went to sleep in my grandma's bedroom and my bedroom was in the small living room, but I wanted to sleep with the guy who was sleeping in the bathroom bedroom, because I wanted him to dry hump me, while I still knew we couldn't fuck, because of J. I went into that bedroom and it seemed to me that he was with some girl at first sight, but I think he wasn't. I ended up going to my bedroom and the guy followed me and when he lay down next to me I noticed he wasn't a guy, but a girl, because I could see her boobs and her pussy. While I was laying there, I was talking to P on my phone. He talked about C.T. (old parent's friend) and I told him I knew her too. He told me she was a dominatrix (?) and asked me if I wasn't going to a certain bdsm/sex/fetish party on saturday where C.T. would be. I said I wasn't and he said something like, "yeah, right", jokingly. He then asked me if I wanted her to dominate me in the after party (?) and told me she could only do it if she took off her heels. He also mentioned that she being pregnant was sexy. Part of the conversation occurred whilst I was walking towards the downtown subway station, but when I got there it was closed.


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