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Wednesday, September 6 2017 Views: 38

I was at my mom's with J. The place now had an outdoor space where there was a swimming pool. We had just been next to it eating an ice cream and went down some stairs, sitting at the bottom step. There was another staircase right next to it and my aunt and my mom were sitting on the top of it. J began fucking me and then he went to the bottom of the other staircase, taking me with him. Obviously, my aunt looked down and saw us fucking. I went to my bedroom and J got up to pull his pants up but didn't come with me. At one point he entered my bedroom and told me about the deadly look my mom had given him. I told him it was obvious they were going to see us. In another part I was with him and my sister outside of a souvenir shop where they had postcards. Each postcard cost 4 euros. J kept mentioning his ex like it was nothing, and it was making me mad.


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