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Wednesday, September 13 2017 Views: 27

I was with J and B going down some stairs outside after having watched a movie somewhere. My ex was going up the stairs in my direction and I purposedly bumped into him and said, "get out of my way!". He was with some mean looking guys and told me, "careful, they might...". They ended up going down the stairs too. I called my ex digusting a few times. Him and his friends laughed. I noticed they all had shaved heads and called them nazis. I saw him throughout the dream and at one point my dad appeared, so I told him my ex was there and pointed to him (so he'd go and beat him up, since he doesn't like him), but he just went up to him and did nothing. My ex's dad appeared too.

In another part, I was seeing Deftones live with J. There was a screen in the room which said in which auditorium things were happening, and this concert was on auditorium 1 but right at the end of the concert it changed to auditorium 2, so J and I went downstairs but there was nothing happening in it. When we came back the band was already gone and the crowd was leaving. We left too and as we were already outside I thought about asking J to go and have some drinks, but didn't.


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