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Fever Fueled, Action dream within the woods

Lucid Intent
Friday, January 11 2013 Views: 191

(Upon awakening I tried to recall as much of my dream as possible. I even spoke into a recorder to recite as much as I could as quickly as I could. However, the vast majority of it I have forgotten..)

I have a dream everytime that I sleep, whether it be a quick nap or a 24 hour period. However, this one spurred such emotion in me that it became the reason I even started this Dream Journal.


I'm standing in a small cabin-like house in the most populated room. The kitchen has an L shaped off white counter, which is mirrored by a large comfy, but over used, brown L shaped couch on the other side of the small room. There is a thick dark wood beam stretching from the floor next to the counters, up the wall, across the ceiling, and touching back to the floor next to the couch acting as a visual divider. There are about a dozen other people in the dark dorm-like house with me, most cramped onto the couch. There is a door next to the divider beam on the couch side. I peer out curiously at the winter landscape. Fresh snow masks the steep hills full of trees and large rocks that stands before me. Did I see something move? I feel tense, on edge like something bad is going to happen. Meanwhile everyone else is drinking and relaxing and telling me to relax as well. But I just can't sit still. I move from the kitchen to the small hallway. To my right is a long but weak hallway leading outside. I open the door and walk onto the porch, seemingly larger than all the rooms inside. This is where it gets a little hairy.

With my body on the porch, my mind ventures down the snowy hillside. I float over rocks and logs, up trees, and through snowpiles until I reach a large stream at the bottom of the hillside. Looking up I can see myself very far away; a speck. I'm in the middle of the stream, feeling as much a part of it as the frozen branches on the bank and the soil beneath the smooth current. Suddenly I pull zooming back into myself. The house is bustling with a new energy. Inside everyone is freightened, they say they are preparing for a deadly fight with their closest enemies, whom have been spying on them plotting their revenge (for what I forget), Perhaps I did see something outside behind the rocks earlier among the dimming landscape. 

Down the short hall from the kitchen, more people enter from a third and final door to the outside. All are preparing, rather unhastily, for a battle. Across from the door is a bathroom. I lock myself inside to get my head straight. While leaning my head against the wall a painting knocks to the floor. Putting it back I feel a hollow space behind it. I examine the wood panneling, pulling at a divit. A small trap doors opens, revieling an imminent black hole. I close it shut and run out of the bathroom into the kitchen. They are coming. I can feel them approaching before anyone else, I see them in my mind on horses running through the trees with swords and guns drawn, snow flying at the horse's hoofs.

When they reach the house we all fight. I see people being killed left and right, and I cannot breathe. I run to the bathroom and shut myself in. All three doors are surrounded and the river runs red below. I rip the painting of a hillside off the wall, open the door and jump inside. Falling through a dirty tunnel I land in a small cave below, unable to close the door behind me. I survey the area. A large conveyor belt takes the majority of the space, running as I stare inquizitively. But for what? It's dark and it's chilly. Perhaps it's a hideout for a major storm?

No. I hear them coming. I rush to the opposing side of the belt, draw a k bar from my belt, and crouch waiting in the shaddows. While I'm waiting I have another out of body experience. I'm waiting next to the belt but at the same time I'm on the belt running. It's like frogger but there's no end. Little demons of various colors and demises scurry past, biting at my feet, Suddenly I'm whisked back into my body. Three men jump into the pit and my anxiety reaches such a point that I wake myself up. 



This was a fever endused dream, so that may have had some effect. Feedback?

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