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Lucid Intent
Sunday, June 28 2015 Views: 207

I find myself walking in a beautiful ancient garden. It is daytime. I have a hat in my hands that I don’t know how I got, and it is really something: unusually long, yellow, oriental-looking, made of a soft fabric, with a group of short strands of beads hanging from the top.
I quickly realise it is the hat of the Chinese Emperor. I look inside and see a bill hidden in one of the sides. It is a royal and very valuable bill of the Empire. I think of stealing it for a very brief moment but I get scared. I also become scared of having the emperor’s hat in my hands. I am alone, but what would happen if someone sees me with it? 

I’m dropping it by a tree to get rid of it out of fear when a Chinese royal guard sees me. He points at me and goes “Eh! Eh! Eh!” as if trying to call other people or get their attention. I know I’m in deep trouble now although I don't recall doing anything wrong.
An ogre with a sable is released. He growled as he clumsily walked waving his sable around, hitting trees, as if doing so automatically. I hide behind one. I wake up.

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