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Tuesday, February 14 2017 Views: 95


I receive a letter from the Jobcenter (German burocreatic stuff) with a Kinder Egg inside. Weird thing though: The Kinder Egg had no wrapping, the top of the chocolate egg was cut because the toy inside was already assembled. This had something to do with a German festivity before Easter. 
My parents, my friend L. and I go see some events/shows on the street about this festivity and we see a puppet show that L. and I thought was very funny because it was bizarre and in poor taste but I can't recall much about it, only that we recorded a bit of it.
Next scene, we sit at a table to eat asado, traditional Argentinian BBQ/grilling. For some reason, I don't have my own food on the plate but everyone gives me a bit of theirs: my mom gives me a piece of blood sausage and L. gives me a piece of grilled potato, only common in asados as a vegetarian option (she is indeed a vegetarian.)


I'm late for something important. I'm on the tram with S., When I'm about to get where I need to go, it makes a sudden turn in the wrong direction to Landsberger Allee: there is a kids show in the middle of the avenue and the tram driver decides we all NEED to go see it. There is water and some actors in animal costumes swimming in this puddle of water wearing lifesavers trying to catch one another. I see it at the same time as a movie playing in my head.


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