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Friday, March 10 2017 Views: 184

1) I'm in jail. The thin bed/mattress had a perfect round hole where my ass is and a bucket is placed underneath for me to defecate there, as if I wasn't able to stand up, even though I was. At one point someone comes in, takes the bucket and the mattress and tells me that "I'm going".

2) I see a miniature figure of a library, if you looked inside you could see the inside of the library with thousands of books, tables, chairs, etc. I wondered how they could have done all that so tiny in such detail. I somehow get in this miniature library, Alice in Wonderland style. For some reason, they sell boxes of chocolates that look very expensive. I open one of these boxes, take a chocolate, then close the box and put it back in its place without anyone noticing.


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