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Cedar Point changes

Wednesday, July 30 2008 Views: 6528

I was visiting Cedar Point this season, and I noticed a lot of changes midseason. I was standing on a walkway next to Blue Streak's brake run, and I saw that it had magnetic brakes. There were two sets. One set was right when the car enters the brake shed, and the other was about 10 feet after that. Each brake set had about five brakes in it.

I took a picture of each set. As I was taking a picture of the second set, the train got in the way, so I waited. When that train cleared the brakes, the second train entered them. I was surprised the two trains were so close.

I aimed my camera at the track leading into the station and saw four group utility workers. I put my camera down and only saw one. I wondered why they only showed up on my camera. Were they vampires? After I put the camera down, I could see two of them. But the fourth was still invisible. I talked to them for a while, then I went to Raptor.

Raptor had been completely changed in the middle of the season. Since the days were long and hot, lots of water elements were added. There were tipping buckets, squirt guns and lots of areas along the ride and in the queue that splashed people with water. I didn't like it at all. At the entrance to the queue, which was completely different, there was a sign that asked for comments on the new features. I wanted to get a comment and say it all sucked.

The queue was really different. Most of it was indoors so it was shaded. That I liked, but the water elements were annoying. You had no choice but to get soaked even before you got on. There was even a jet of water shooting at the sign to get comments. That angered me. The jet shot randomly, so I was trying to figure out if I could run there quickly and grab a comment form without getting wet.

As I waited for the water to stop, someone in line yelled my name. He said he was an employee and was waiting for his picture to show up somewhere. He had an employee newsletter and said he wasn't in it. I said I could take his picture and put it on my Web site. I didn't know his name, and I barely recognized him. But I figured that we worked together since he knew my name.

I took his picture, but it didn't turn out right, so I went to take another. He held his hands next to his face and opened them. As I took the picture, some guy next to him popped in and ruined the photo. He made a weird sign with his hands and covered the guy's face. I looked at the photo and saw that you couldn't tell who he was because his face was covered.

I walked over to the guy and pushed him. I asked him why he felt it was OK to ruin a stranger's photo. He didn't say anything, so I walked back to take another picture. Then I was pushed from behind. I turned around, and the guy was standing there and wanted to fight. He yelled at me and asked why I punched him. I said I didn't punch him, I just pushed him. I said he shouldn't have ruined my friend's photo. I called him a jerk. He got angry and asked if I wanted to fight. I said I did not. I said I just didn't appreciate that he was a jerk and ruined photos.

Additional Comments:

I thought about writing the comments, but I was so angry at the changes to Raptor, I wanted to dictate at guest services while an employee wrote them down for me.

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