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Jamal comments on my weight; Zack eats ice cream

Friday, February 17 2017 Views: 71

I was in what appeared to be either a store or an airport with my former co-worker Jamal. He was with his wife or girlfriend. We sat down at a table. He said I looked like I had gained weight. I said I had and was disappointed. I said my arms are no longer muscular, and my stomach was back. He said I shouldn't worry. He said no one will notice. I was worried that women would notice.

Then I was in another place with Zack. We were at a park or playground. There was a small building near us (possibly a restroom). There were children there getting ice cream. Zack got a cone and sat down to eat it.

I turned away for a second, and when I turned back, Zack's shirt was off. I wondered why he would do this. I worried that someone would make us leave because there were children here.

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This could have been two dreams, but I don't recall a transition or time between them.

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