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What to do with this gun?

Friday, May 19 2017 Views: 55

I was walking on a gravel lot in an alley. To my left was a building, to my right was a chain-link fence. I was carrying a handgun that I believe was my brother's. I emptied the clip onto the ground. I knew there was still a bullet in the gun, but I didn't know how to get it out. So I fired into the ground.

I picked up the bullet, which was still in the shell casing. The front was smashed in from the impact. I wondered if I could kill myself with this gun. That was a disturbing thought, so I figured I should give the gun to my brother.

Additional Comments:

I don't own a gun. My brother does, but I have not handled them and do not know what they are.

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  • Violence
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  • Outdoors
  • Unfamiliar
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  • Brother
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  • Numb
  • Emotionless

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