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What's in the shed?

Saturday, August 19 2017 Views: 170

Jill and I were seated in a middle car on Mystic Timbers. We entered the shed at the end. Music played (it was louder than the music on the actual ride), the lights flickered and moved around, and spiders dropped from the ceiling and touched our faces. The spiders startled me.

A girl in front of us had a small flashlight and shined it at the spiders, showing the wires holding them. I laughed. I swatted at the spiders. They lifted up.

On the screen ahead of us, a large diamondback rattler attacked the train. I thought that was fun because on our previous ride, a bat attacked.

Additional Comments:

Mystic Timbers is the newest roller coaster at Kings Island amusement park. We visited it earlier this week. The park was hyping up Mystic Timbers, which ends in a shed, with "What's in the shed?" The shed features music, flickering lights and a monster on a screen attacking the train. Apparently the monster changes. Ours was a bat on our one ride.

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