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Zack takes me to a brothel

Tuesday, September 5 2017 Views: 67

Zack and I were in a large place that reminded me of a locker room. But it was a brothel. This was Zack's idea. I felt uncomfortable. The lockers were like the old lockers at amusement parks with an orange key and a wristband.

We walked and looked around. It was crowded with mostly men, though there were some prostitutes around. We went to a locker to put some things away. I had my black bag with my old video camera in it. Zack grabbed a key for one locker in the top row, and I grabbed the key next to it. I put my bag in it. The wrist strap was too small, so I held on to it while trying to think of where to put it. I thought maybe I could tie it to my shoelace. Then I put it in my pocket.

A woman met us and we turned around and went back to the lockers. I now had my SLR bag with me and wanted to put it in the locker. But then I thought against that idea since the locker seemed loose when closed. I thought it'd be easy to break in to.

The woman led us into a darker room. There were no lockers here. It was crowded with men and a few women. I saw a camera on the ceiling by a wall. It was panning back and forth quickly. I tried not to stare at it. We sat at a table, where the two owners talked to us.

The woman wrote two fake names with a pen on my camera bag. She started them with "Dr." and said Zack and I were doctors. I didn't like that she was writing on my bag or that she wanted us to be doctors. The owners told us the rules. I didn't even want sex. I just figured I could talk to her. Another woman was sitting in Zack's lap and rubbing his leg.

Over a PA, I heard "That rapist from Florida is on the phone again." I rolled my eyes and said, "Of course it would be someone from Florida." I wanted to talk about how I used to live in Florida and that I disliked it, but the owners gave me a look. The owners kept talking, but I wasn't listening. I just wanted to leave.

Additional Comments:

I have never been to a brothel, and I certainly don't intend to.

There were no sexual acts done in the dream. It was only implied that they'd happen in a private room after the dark room. I wondered how I was going to get out of this.

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