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A Sister's Grudge

Lucid Intent
Thursday, May 12 2011 Views: 811

Me and my sister(Christine) were sitting at a Circus with her bestfriend. It feels like I've been to this circus before in dreams, because I've already seen the Clown's act. NO ONE clapped for him, but I started clapping for him, and said I LOVED his performance. Everyone started clapping after that. My sister gave me and evil glare and "accidentally," bumped into me. When the circus was over my sister's friend offered us a ride home, but she said we could walk. It was a cold night and rainy. We were walking and we came to a street with thousands of cars going across the intersection, she was getting frusturated about it. Finally a gap came, and we were about to run across but a police came and pulled up by the side of the woods. So we hit the cross walk button and crossed legally. We walked away from the police car, acting fine. But as soon as he was out of sight my sister pushed me. I thought it was  joke at first but then she gave me an evil glare again and started beating the crap out of me and I yelled at her to stop. But she kept going, on a rampage. I then blacked out in the dream, but jerked awake in real life.

After that I was tingly in my whole body. I was sweaty as well and saw black splotches around my room...

Additional Comments:

I ate before I went to bed if that matters. I also woke up and my whole body hurt/tingled and I was sweating...It was weird. And I jerked awake as soon as she started punching me faster.

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