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A Sneaky Troll

Lucid Intent
Saturday, July 16 2016 Views: 78

    I was at a hospital with my daughter (Annaliese), waiting for her to recieve care. We had to walk across wooden planks to get to the check in desk located up on a different platform. We kept making it all the way across, but somehow got pushed back to the original platform multiple times to start all over again. Finally my daughter and I made it over to the other side, but families kept budging us to go first. No one was saying anything to us, just looking at us as if it were our own fault that we couldn't talk to the receptionist.  

     Eventually we appeared into a room, and almost immediately as soon as the doctor walked in I morphed away from my daughter, and into a different dream where I was shrunk down into a toy sized human. 

     I'm stuck inside a dirty room that seemingly has no doors. There are other people in the room with me that I call my friends, yet somehow most of them don't have bodies, yet I still know that there is more than just the one girl that I can actually physically see. 

     Scared about the situation, we went exploring down a dark, narrow hallway and stumbled upon a small hole in the ground covered up by an orange roadwork cone. The girl that I can phsycially see says she'll scout ahead, and jumped down into the small hole below the cone.

    Not long after, the girl reappeared and said that she found a way out for us. She led us to a large factory type builidng that's fenced in. The factory had only one door to get in, and each day my friends and I had to go through some type of obstacle within an alloted time in order to get to the door, which never opened for us. 

     One day, a woman called out to us overhead on a loud speaker. She pleaeded to us that we needed to find a way to come in and help her, and her sick baby who needed medical care. She informed us that she was stuck inside the factory and needed to be out by 4 A.M., otherwise her baby would die. 

     Our group went back to our room and thought of a plan. I was the only one who thought the request was odd, so while everyone took a nap before the mission, I snuck out alone and went to the factory. It was an eerie night, and when I arrived there were no obstacle courses set up for me to geth trhough. Also, this time the door was locked, and I snuck in. 

     I saw a woman snoring on a bed, and not too far off from her was a bassinet. I tiptoed around and peered into the bassinet to see not a infant boy as expected, but instead a porcelain boy doll talking in his sleep. I back away slowly, realizing it's actually a troll disguised as a boy, tricking the mom into thinking he was still her son that the troll murdered not long ago.

     I ran back to the room and laid on my bed, thinking of how to tell the others without alerting the troll. But, before I could do anything, the door creaked open, and in stepped a large black figure with dreadlocks for hair. He was smiling as he snuck in. I instantly knew that it was the troll in its true form. I tried screaming for help, repeatedly yelling, "It's the troll, It's the troll!" But my voice was gone.

     The troll slowly crept onto my bed, his smile slowly getting bigger and bigger, his eyes glaring red in the darkness as he reached up and clasped his hands around my neck...

....DREAM END...

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