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Plane Crash

Sunday, November 27 2016 Views: 195

I'm walking to an airplane, on my way to see my boyfriend (Ben). When I get to the plane, they tell me and a few others that all of the seats inside are full. They lead us to the outside of the plane where harnesses (like the ones on amusement park rides) line the sides of it. We each get in one and are strapped in. As we take off the man sitting next to me talks about how he always ends up in a harness on the planes, etc, making small talk. As he talks I notice the plane gets more turbulent and starts doing flips. Five planes below us are doing the same kind of thing, so I think it's normal for our plane to be doing it.

Then the man talks about how one time a plane he was on crashed while he was in the harness. As he says this the plane all of a sudden drops fast, and I can hear the pilot yelling matey. The plane flips over, and hits the ground. My face and body smashes across/against concrete as the plane drags across the ground. As it comes to a complete stop I feel my entire body burning as I lay there scathed but alive.

Eventually an emergency team comes and they bring me inside the broken plane. The nurses look at my face and start cleaning my lip. All of a sudden they grab a large needle and say they're going to stitch my face. I start screaming for my mom, that I want her there too (she got an inside seat). They say she can't come right now and jab a needle in each of my knee caps. They then say they can't even stitch me until after I have thrown up (which is what the needles were for). Before you know it I'm spewing out last nights dinner all over the place. 

All of a sudden I'm on a bus, half asleep, being transported somewhere. A few other people are on the bus with me as well. As the bus jolts I decorate the bus with more vomit. The guy in the front says that it's okay, the same thing happened to him not long ago.

...THE END...

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