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Mad For No Reason

Saturday, January 7 2017 Views: 92

My mom drops me off at a car lot to look at new cars, it's pretty empty with no other vehicles around except for one truck. I go around back to start exploring the lot and see random vehicles that are broken, and find out that there is only one good vehicle sitting in the lot, but it's quite a distance away. Someone comes out and tells me it's not for sale, so I leave. 

I end up at my boyfriend's mom's house (Heidi) and ring the doorbell, hoping she'd let me in to surprise him  (Ben) before he comes back from leave later in the day. She lets me in and leads me to the kitchen where she's cooking. Together we start cooking food, where she then brings out a slab of fish and asks if I know how to flay it. I never have, so she teaches me, and how to pick out the bones if there are any. 

After the food is ready we go out to the living room and sit on the floor by a Christmas tree where there are some presents beneath it. Their dog (Dexter) sits by me, and so I pet him while Heidi and I talk. Eventually Ben comes in the door and just looks at me before going over to sit on the couch where his mom is now sitting. They talk together and I notice that he has a really bad cold or something, but I stay at the house anyway.

Eventually I get a text from my mom saying she's on her way to pick me up. I don't want to leave yet even though no one has paid attention to me, so I run into the bedroom and go to sleep so she can't find me. When I wake up, I go over to the mirror and quickly try to put a little bit of make up on before Ben would come in and see me. As this is happening, I get a text from my mom saying she's on her way again. 

Once I finish my makeup, I text Ben saying that I'm in his room and ask for him to come down before my Mom gets there.

...THE END..

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