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Re-acting A Murder

Sunday, March 5 2017 Views: 60

Me, my sister (Christine), and a couple friends are near some woods, standing out on ice banks in the middle of a lake. We're crushing up ice near the tip, while spray painting them bright red. A group of five men come up from behind us and ask what we're doing. We show them a video recording of an actual murder that took place at the same spot, and told them that we were re-acting the murder out to prove that it wasn't an accident. 

All of a sudden one of the men try pushing us into the lake. We scream and run away, over a rickety bridge and into the woods nearby. Eventually we lose them and end up at my Step Dad's (Ralph) house. My boyfriend, (Ben) is inside waiting for us so he can protect us. Before we know it my step dad comes home and yells at us saying that we know that Ben needs to leave, and he already had told us that three times that he couldn't ever come over.

As soon as Ben leaves, my step dad also disappears and we see the men storming down the street and up our driveway. We quickly run out the back door and start running through backyards until we end up in our neighbor's house down the street.

We clamber into a room full of dolls and call the police to report the men chasing us. We wait in terror for a few minutes before sneaking up to the front window and peer out to see the police arresting each man one by one. The dream ends with an officer running after the final person with his gun withdrawn. 

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