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Crazy Lady in the Museum

Monday, March 13 2017 Views: 56

My classmates from my old High school and I were on a field trip at a museum. Our tour guide led us upstairs, telling us all about how well they upkeep the museum, when all of the sudden a woman came running down the hall covered in blood, screaming at us to get out. 

The tour guide tackled the lady and yelled at us to follow her. My classmates and I were led down a long hallway and to a glass room that was full of hospital supplies. We stood outside watching as the tour guide struggled to put the woman's head into some wooden contraption. 

Somehow the crazy lady broke free from the contraption and tore the tour guide's head clean off, cackling madly. My classmates and I started screaming, and running down the hall towards the stairs. Eventually, we made it to the museum's dark basement which was like a science lab, with many computers. 

I hopped on one of them and went on Facebook in order to message my boyfriend (Ben) about the ordeal. I end up looking through his timeline and see lots of vintage looking pictures of us that we got a lot of "likes" on. I was pretty happy, until I kept scrolling down and saw that he had the same exact pictures, but with other friends. Upset by this, I scroll back up and see that he had changed his picture to a motorcycle instead of the one of us two together.


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