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Hiding from Murderers in The Store

Saturday, March 18 2017 Views: 52

I was outside playing basketball near the apartments that I used to live at when all of the sudden a red car pulls up and men hop out of it and start shooting people on the court. I run away and hide behind a dumpster nearby. They were pissed that they couldn't find me, but eventually drove off. 

A few days later I'm shopping in a store similar to Costco. I walk by one of the gunmen from the court the other day. As soon as we make eye contact I quickly turn the corner, into the next aisle and dive into the shelving to hide behind the boxes. All of the sudden the lights in the store go off and I can hear the men looking for me. 

I quickly crawl down the shelving until I find the clothing section, and quickly change into new clothes, put my hair up, and then wear a hat to cover my face. As soon as I finished changing, a man walks around the corner and asks me if I want to learn how to use a gun. I nod in hopes that would leave me alone, so he tells me to meet him up in a certain aisle.  

Somehow I've changed into one of the work uniforms and start grabbing all of the bananas possible and bring them over to check out. I tell the cash register that we're out of bananas and that there's a mess in the aisle that the man told me to meet him in. The worker told me to go get more bananas in the back to stock more. 

I walk quickly to the back and on my way see a woman that looks like me, crying on the floor. I hear the men coming and keep running to the back and hear gun shots as soon as I reach the employee door. 

I race through the back, and out the back doors to my car down the hill. I open the trunk and shuffle through my clothes so that I could change into something else again. As I pull out the sweater that I wore a few days ago at the court, the men see me and realized I'm the girl they'd been looking for.

I hop in the car and floor it. They follow close behind, tailing me as I zip down the highways. Eventually I lose them and end up driving to my boyfriend's (Ben) Dad's (John) house. They let me in and I go downstairs where Ben's sister (Jackie) and step mom (Cathy) is. I change my clothes and talk to them for a bit as if nothing had happened. They told me I could hang out there for a bit while I waited for Ben to get there....DREAM END...

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