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hidden cigar shop

Sunday, May 1 2011 Views: 655

I was walking down a street til I came to a corner store.I walked in an inquired about cigars.The only cigars they had were a few generic pineapple flavored ones.An a couple of yellow lighters that also reminded me of pineapple.An two other guys came in the store.One of the guys said he wanted one of the pineapple  cigars.I decided to leave the store and try another.I walked a little farther down the street.Until I came to another store and I went in.Their was a foriegn lady as the cashier,She must have been from somewhere in europe.But the base of the matter is I thought she was attractive.I asked where are your cigars,she said in the back.She took me thru a door into the back area of the store.I was now in a fancy cigar shop where they sell expensive finer cigars.They also sold flask and all types of cookies.But  to get the cigars we had to play a different type of game.The scene changed we were now in a different type of room.We had to drop dice in the water,if your dice dissloved into its color you win.An then you would be able to purchase the cigars or anything from the store.Their were three people playing the game.All of us lost except one guy.When he won the person controlling the game read a tarot card saying he was a person who lived by the sword.Since he won everybody in the group will get to purchase whatever they want from the store.Afterwards I was going to smoke my cigars outside at a fancy resturaunt.

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