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Journey to the back streets

Wednesday, May 11 2011 Views: 728

I jump the gate in my mothers back yard into the neighbors yard.I walk through the yard to the street and got onto a bicycle.My mother was looking for me she was after me.But I rode the bicycle around the corner and pass her street.I kept going I was on a journey now and on the back streets in my mothers neighborhood.I passed a hair salon and I saw brittney she was getting her hair done.I came to a main street I was now somewhere else.Not in my mothers community,I saw a food stand.But I didn't go to it,the people of this area was looking for carlos.The reason for that is they didn't like him nor did I.So I summoned him he dropped from the sky.I also summoned asia who is a girl I love.Asia and I ran back down the back roads I came up.We were acting weird which is nothing unusal.I was alone again and back at the hair salon.I was there getting my afro cut,then I went inside.The owner of the salon a female started doing all sorts of sexual experiments on me.First a lady whipped my ass with her hand spanking me for pleasure it felt good.Next I got into bed with three women,the owner wanted to see which one I would chose to have sex with.An how I would have sex with them be it protected or unprotected sex.I chose the piano teacher and I had unprotected sex with her.I was now at my mothers house in the backyard.I had just finished coach crosses test,then my sister took his drinking test but messed it up.His test involved drinking some colored orange fluid.An there was a big flying sail boat there the type from the 1700s.


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