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Return of the game

Lucid Intent
Thursday, May 12 2011 Views: 666

Kim and I are in tracy willmis's art class back at my old high school.I have two classes with him a day.School is over kim heads for the school buses.I head to the main art department area of the school.I'm looking for my old art teacher linda whom I was close with.I slide across a wet floor just mopped on my way to the art department.I entered the main art department which was newly remodeled.I talked to a beautiful art teacher whom I was hoping would guide me to linda.But she sents me to another art teacher,me and the beautiful art teacher weren't vibing.I find the other art teacher that looks like debbie.We begin to talk I say the art department is newly remodeled.She said yea because of the old portfolio class 1998-1999 and you.She said I was a powerful artist with great influence then.I made a great impact on the art department of my old high school.Then I said I would like to transferr to your art class from tracy's.Because you and I have more in common.Secondly I asked her where linda was.She said she transferred to some big time college named howard-yale.I then whispered to her this is a dream and I've been an art student in this school in the form of a teenaged kid for almost thirty years.Since I'll be thirty this year and I started learning arts at a young age.I then said don't get excited lets not have sex.But we had aura sex in the form of a vibrating sensation.Thirdly she said since your going to be in my class you sit behind the boy with the yellow hat by the window.I said to her my goal with her is to become an art teacher I've been a student for a long time.I also saw a picture a boy was drawing it was of an abstract car.The art teacher then gave me a video game phone let the lessons begin.I hit a button on the phone it then ask do I trust lucy the vampire I said yes.I arrived where lucy was I reached for the key she was suppose to give me.But she then transformed into a giant fire ant.I failed my first challenge in the reality video game.A voice said if you weren't enchanted by her beauty you would have recieved the key.If I would have been seeing clearly I would have seen she was really a giant fire ant not pretty girl.I was know looking for the exit to the school.I found the wrong exit even thou I asked help from some passing by people.The art teacher then arrived and showed me the exit.I ran for the exit at the exit I made the mistake of killing the art teachers son.She was know chasing me shooting a laser gun which hit me two times.I felt weaked but I got away.Now I'm At the end of the first level looking at my score.I had low life and not enough food to heal myself from my teachers attack.The video game cpu voice said if I'm lucky on the next level which is the wilderness.I could possibly find some wolves kill and eat them to heal my life but I have to be careful.

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