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The trial

Thursday, April 25 2013 Views: 191

I'm at my mothers house in the living room the walls are peach colored.Lil boosie an lil webbie (rap stars) are in the living room with me.The police are outside watching when a disguised suitcase is delivered to us.We open the suitcase it is full of cocaine.The police left we are loading the cocaine in a storage trunk in the backyard.When a big time drug dealer disguised as police come out the house next door.He rushed us boosie an webbie grabbed him slamming him against the wall in the kitchen.Earl sr ran in to help them,I was frozen by something I couldnt move to help.We dealt with him and he was gone disappeared.Webbie then asked me what kind of music I had on my cell phone.I said a variety such as rap,techno,electro,witch house and other types of music.Next I was in the courthouse with boosie and webbie's friends.We were all friends and waiting to get into the main courtroom for the trial.Some unknown guy in a suit tried to skip me in line to enter the main courtroom.I kept knocking him out of the way which was unusal from me.Because Im not usually an aggressive type person.Finally we were in the main courtroom boosie an webbie were waiting there.A lawyer was there he looked at my life profile and he said hes never seen a black person with a profile like mine.He expressed I was a rare and special type person.So he put me on the front line of witness's.Because I had the ability to sway peoples minds and decsions.I was now against a wall in the main courtroom.I was talking to boosie an webbie I told them I saw there movie ghetto stories two times.Boosie said yea it was a good movie.

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