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The crime

Sunday, July 14 2013 Views: 219

Im at a cave on a plateau next to a large body of water it is night.Kayla my sister and tony her boyfriend are in the cave.From what I sense they aren't getting along.An two women are fighting outside their cave for kayla and tony's entertainment"dramatized".I then leave them Im flying a helicopter over the water.I see a sky way transportation system I fly by it.Im now in an unknown downtown area of a city.There is a lot of skyscraper buildings an the city is alive by the lights from each building.I fly over a building I notice a purse outside I grab It and fly off.Not getting to far I land the helicopter.The police arrive and take me into custody.I thought they were going to ask me about the purse but they didn't.I was going to lie if they did.Instead they were more interested in what kayla and tony were doing.Thoughts crossed my mind I realized they were angry at each other.

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A very dark dream


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