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Drug deal gone wrong

Thursday, September 10 2015 Views: 94

Im outside at an unknown place it is grassy rumi is here.She has a drug in her hand its a cube shape and an unknown drug.She walks off to go sell it to a man.But drops it on the ground when she meets him.This was an accident she then came back to where I was.We then had sex near a table,then tommy arrived.We got him to do alot of cocaine off the table.He then had sex with rumi anal sex.Im now at my old church,andrew is talking about.How he's proud of his wife patricia for now liking low quality,cheap beer.Andrew is guzzling a 32oz bottle of the beer in a room of the church.Pastor william was preaching on some steps all by himself.Also the church looked different and it wasn't located where it really is in reality.


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