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Schooling and work program

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Im on the boulevard in the springfield historic community.Im in a class and the classroom is outside.Im sitting in my desk there are only two other students and the teacher.I get in a conflict with the teacher but we are sexually attracted to each other.I get a phone call,I go to the telephone.I answer it,its the principal of the school.She calms me down from the conflict with the teacher.Before hanging up she says I can now call her mrs. peach.A more casual name than a professional one.Then one of the students a man whom is the son of the teacher.Came to where I was letting me barrow a pair of his black nikey's.Because I was bare foot.Class was now over I asked one of the students for a ride to my mothers house.I also asked could we go to mcdonalds he said yes.We talked about what I would order I said two burgers an a fry everything from the dollar menu.I was now riding in a vechile as a passenger in the front seat.The teacher was driving and the other students were in the back.We ride over a few dangerous short bridges.The bridges had large openings in the road.The tires could easily go into them so you had to make sure not to drive in the openings.While riding over the bridge I could see the river below thru the openings. We left the bridges behind now on main street a historic street.All the buildings were historic but they had all been re-done so they looked new.Also things were peaceful between the teacher and me now.One of the students said we lost all this in the 1950s.What he meant was this part of town was abandon.A ghost town and cemetery for those who died here in the past.We arrived at a business building and went inside.The teacher said the people from the work program.Ran a criminal background check on another student and me.They said they couldnt hire either of us.Even thou I only had one charge that was expunged.Then the teacher received a call from some form of authority.They said we could go to church and our criminal charges would be forgotten.The teacher gave me my background check.It had a drawing of a clown on the bottom of it.I went on the outside in the back of the building.A giant balloon blew up into a clown,then a thug with braids.An then finally into a man and women kissing.


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This dream relates to my present situation in life.

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