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Fake money

Thursday, May 18 2017 Views: 109

I  walk to the neighborhood store its night.I walk in the store I go to the back of it.I grab some m&m cookies and go to the cashier.I reach in my pocket for my money realizing I lost it.An I noticed I had a hole in my pocket.I leave the store in search of my lost money.Im looking all over nearby the store in the streets and on the sidewalks.I couldnt find it and headed back to the store.In front of the store I met a man he gave me some fake money.He wanted me to buy something and with the change I get give it back to him.Which would now be real money.I go in the store get something and head to the cashier.Before I get their the lady cashiers start laughing because they know the money is fake.I try and spend the money anyways.They call the police an the cashiers ask me to identify who gave me the fake money.We walk to the front of the store.The man was standing there but I said I didnt see the man who gave me the fake money.I then bagan walking back home.I looked back to see one of the lady cashiers sexually dancing.In front of the man who gave me the fake money.Which was the way the cashiers were trying to penalize me.


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